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Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth
PAN'S LABYRINTH is a fanciful and chilling story set against the backdrop of a fascist regime in 1944 rural Spain. The film centers on Ofelia, a lonely and dreamy child living with her mother and adoptive father; a military officer tasked with ridding the area of rebels. In her loneliness, Ofelia creates a world filled with fantastical creatures and secret destinies. With post-war repression at its height, Ofelia must come to terms with her world through a fable of her own creation.
Produced, written and directed by del Toro, PAN'S LABYRINTH was produced by Telecinco, through its production arm, Estudios Picasso, headed by Álvaro Augustin, Tequla Gang's Bertha Navarro and del Toro and Esperanto Filmoj's Alfonso Cuarón and Frida Torresblanco. The film's producers are Cuarón, del Toro, Torresblanco and Navarro. The executive producer is Augustin. Longtime del Toro collaborator Guillermo Navarro served as director of photography. The film stars: Mirabel Verdú (Y tu mamá también); Sergi Lopez (Dirty Pretty Things); Ivana Baquero (Fragile) and Doug Jones (Hellboy).
Special Features
• Disc 1:
• Director’s Commentary
• Disc 2:
• Director’s Prologue (35 secs)
• The Power of the Myth featurette on DVD comics (20 mins)
• El Fauno Y Las Hadas featurette (32 mins)
• The Colour & The Shape featurette (4 mins)Director’s Notebook (20 mins)
• Storyboard Video prologue (26 secs)
• Notebook Video Prologue (33 secs)
• Storyboard / Thumbnail Comparisons
• UK Theatrical Trailer (1 min 06)
• Picture galleries
• Guardian/NFT interview with Guillermo del Toro (30 mins)
• Where applicable, all have English and Spanish subtitles and English Closed Captions available

Dark, twisted and beautiful. Del Toro's masterpiece. *****
Wolf Creek HD
Wolf Creek HD
Starring: John Jarratt, Nathan Phillips, Cassandra McGrath, Kestie Morassi
Director: Greg McLean
UK Release: Dec 10, 2007

RRP: £24.99
Our price: £24.99 (inc. delivery)
Out now in the UK
Liz and Kristy, two young British women, meet Australian surfer dude Ben on holiday and set out on the journey of a life time - travelling across the stunning Australian Outback to visit the legendary Wolf Creek crater. But when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they accept the help of a mysterious stranger, their trip soon becomes a struggle to survive. Based on terrifying true events, WOLF CREEK is an unforgettable, shocking and genuinely scary horror movie - guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat.
This year's horror phenomenon. Bucketloads of suspense. ****
Total Film

Edge of your seat stuff.
The Sun Online
Technical Details
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Running Time:
94 mins approx
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